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Club Rules:

It is the responsibility of all members and visitors to the Club to acquaint themselves with the rules of the Club.  Any member or visitor to the Club, not adhering to the above rules makes him/herself liable to corrective action.

The use of all club facilities are at your own risk

        General Rules On The Club Grounds

  • The use of all club facilities are at your own risk
  • Speed limit on Club grounds 10km/h.Club members are required to display an access disk on their car windscreen. No vehicles without a valid disk for the current year will be allowed through the gate.
  • Membership card must be presented on request whilst on club grounds.
  • A member must sign in non-members or visitors
  • Club grounds are to be kept clean and neat.
  • No dogs or other pets are allowed on club grounds.
  • Braai grills are not to be removed.
  • Bad behaviour, foul language and being a nuisance to others are not acceptable on club grounds.  Members will be responsible for the behaviour of their families and visitors.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated.  Members will be held responsible for any damage caused by them, their visitors or their families.
  • No fireworks are allowed to be set off on club grounds.
  • No vehicles to be parked on wash bay
  • No living in garages
  • No boats or trailers to be left unattended for extended periods in front of garages or elsewhere on the club grounds without prior authorisation and payment of the applicable fee.
  • No club property to be removed from the premises
  • All fuel purchases must be settled by either cash or garage/petrol card. No fuel will be sold on credit.

    Water Craft:
  • No unregistered craft to launch.
  • No powered vessel with more than 15HP may be operated by a person not in possession of a C.O.C (skipper's ticket), unless accompanied by a qualified skipper.
  • All boats must complete the launch sheet in full before and after launch, this includes catch returns. Failing to sign back will result in a fine or R100 for first offenders and disciplinary action for continued transgression. 
  • Boats returning later than their logged ETA shall be liable for a fine of R150 or 2 months suspension from launching.  Skippers may change their ETA by radio with the duty officer.
  • Area in front of Slipways & Jetty – no wake zone
  • Trailers should be parked orderly in the trailer park to ensure adequate capacity at busy times. 
  • Trailers may only be parked on the grass next to the duty room once the boat park is full.
  • Area around the slipways to be kept clear in consideration for other members
  • Jetty is to be used with consideration for others.
  • No boats may be tied to the jetty except for short periods by fisherman/anglers to allow for the offload and weighing of fish
  • Boat speed in bay – 6 Knots
  • Powering boats onto trailers could damage propellers and engines; users do this entirely at their own risk.
  • Boats must be removed from wash bay immediately after boat has been washed.
  • Fish cleaning area must be left clean, and all waste must be put into the bin.

        Jet-Ski and E-Class Watercraft

  • All Jet-ski and E Class watercraft must register at Radio Control room before launching.
  • All Jet-ski and E Class watercraft must sign back at Radio Control room upon return.
  • Non-Skipper licence holders (children) must be under direct supervision of the holder of such skipper’s licence. (Either on the Jet-ski or nearby with another Jet-ski)Control may not be exercised from land.
  • All necessary registered paperwork (seaworthy, skippers licence, harbour permit, etc.) must be presented to the Radio room operator on request.
  • All operators and passengers to wear life jackets whilst in motion.
  • No watercraft is to be operated by any person under the influence of alcohol.
  • All Jet-ski and E Class watercraft operators must know the limits set for their craft.
  • Copies of rules and regulations can be obtained from the office.
  • Violating these rules can lead to disciplinary action.
  • All watercraft must keep direction of flow as determined for that day.


    Swimming Pool:
  • Swimming is at your own risk, no lifesavers will be on duty at any time.
  • All small children and non-swimmers must be under adult supervision
  • No bottles or glasses in the swimming pool area

  • Dress code in the Ladies Bar must be adhered to:
    • After 18h00 smart casual, no bare feet, no overalls
    • No wet bathing clothes at any time
  • No children under 18 at the counter
  • No children under 18 in the Bar without adult supervision
  • Bad behaviour, foul language and fighting in Bar is strictly prohibited
  • No firearms allowed in the Bar
  • No pets in the Bar